Bally Total Fitness Advertising Audit

 Bally Total Fitness Marketing Audit Dissertation

Bally Total Fitness Promoting Audit

Bally Total Health is the largest, and only nationwide, commercial user of fitness gyms. Bally's features approximately four million people and four-twenty facilities throughout the United States and round the globe. (ballyfitness. com, 2004) A marketing review was performed on the firm in order to evaluate their total marketing program to find out what was and was not working to increase business. The following can summarize key findings of environmental elements and advertising. Finally, virtually any recommended actions that may be regarded as for future planning will be discussed.

The environmental aspects that have been considered to get the Bally Total Fitness audit had been demographics, markets and competition. Demographic developments have shown which the older sections of the United States (ages 45-65+) are growing the fastest. Bally Total Health would be wise to consider advertising towards this kind of age group because their needs change. An estimated 60 million people will be associates to a work out center in just six years, the season 2010. This is due to an increased desire towards fitness. The general population is becoming more aware of the advantages of exercise to advertise health and wellness.

The financial markets part of the audit shows that there is certainly three significant trends that health clubs should be attentive of. These major trends happen to be insurance paid weight-loss, a global battle against obesity and an end to low-carb misunderstandings. Health clubs happen to be part of the option and should promote themselves as a result. Bally Total Fitness could be a guide toward losing weight and increased education on unhealthy weight and to guidebook people through the low-carb dilemma.

24 Hour Fitness and Gold's Gym happen to be Bally's leading two competitors. While both companies have already been successful, Bally Total Fitness still offers more members and more establishments than both. However , both competitors of Bally's are not too far lurking behind. Bally's should strive hard to stay on top with the competition. This can be achieved by examining the competitors' strengths and weaknesses. In the event that any similar weaknesses can be found, changes may be made to turn those to differentiate Bally's from the others.

Bally's posseses an excellent product. It is a thing that all people, no matter what their size or form, can benefit from. The present " Every Body Needs Something" campaign is a wonderful idea to get this message across. As well, growing the Marketing Department by adding expert executives was obviously a good choice. Since many of these professionals are highly experienced they can every collaborate and ultimately come up with sound suggestions that will help the company grow.

Bally Total Fitness' objectives are reasonable and go along with their very own mission affirmation of being a Total Fitness Resource. It is important that every levels of the business are aware of the objectives and strategies that are to be used to meet those objectives. While Bally's has been doing well at this, they need to never get complacent and always be attentive to what is going on effortlessly their staff and all of their very own members. Effective training and constant evaluation of workers will guarantee top-notch customer care.

In short, Bally Total Health has been faring well in the fitness sector. First one fourth results of 2004 have demostrated that net revenue has increased from the past year's 1st quarter but by only 2%. By more aggressive marketing this number may increase even more by the the coming year. Both an industry penetration approach and an industry expansion approach should be employed to further this objective. These types of strategies will ensure that current and potential consumers will be aware of the product Bally Total Fitness has to offer. The current marketing campaign says that best, " Every Body Demands Something" and Bally Total Fitness just what that body requires.


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