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The following is a duplicate of the records of an interview conducted simply by Anna Kelly with THIS consultant Rob Summers and receptionist/bookkeeper Kathy Gray of Coastline Devices Consulting. The aim of this interview was to obtain sample forms and to inquire abuout about them to learn data organizations of the program.

Exhibit 1 ) 1

Field: The appointment room by Coastline Devices Consulting. Ould - Kelly timetabled the interview to obtain instructions and test forms intended for designing your data structure intended for the customer response system. Jeff: Good morning, Anna!

Ould -: Good morning, Rob. Good morning, Kathy. Thanks for taking the meeting. Rob: You requested some types of the varieties we use now from site. Here are copies with the main forms I think will probably be relevant. Anna: Great! That is to be a big help. I think you could have received copies of the work with case glossary, diagram, and narratives. The use cases and others forms you brought will be guiding our discussion from this meeting. The things i want to complete is to get answers on a few questions I possess concerning the data requirements. Jeff: The initially form is definitely the PC Construction Sheet [Exhibit 1 . 2]. This is just a spreadsheet that we currently use to monitor equipment in each PC. We build one of these bedsheets for each customer where all of us service equipment and keep that in our chaotic binders. Ould -: OK. Are these content all the components of information that need to be tracked for each PC? Rob: I don't believe this entire format functions very well. A couple of years ago we had to change the name of the CD-ROM column to CD/DVD when DVD MOVIE drives began getting well-known. Anna: Today, we may desire a column intended for mouse even as are getting all kinds of specialty mice and other pointing devices out there. Jeff: We might need a line for net cam, likewise. But the stage is that we don't need to be restructuring your data every time in which technology shift. Also, we now have a problem with this format in that it will not allow for multiple hard drives or multiple Cd. That happens pretty often. Anna: I see. Thus we need to move away from having certain components as fields. Rob: That's what actually. For each machine, we should be capable of enter any number of components. And for each element, we should be able to select a part type from a list and then complete the thorough information. Ould -: When I was talking to Ben and Doug about it the other week, they believed we could work with barcodes to speed the entry method and link the information back to when we check it in to inventory. Shaun: I can see how that would help. As you can see in the spreadsheet, some of our data is pretty sketchy. A barcode would tie each entry into a specify version number. Ould -: I've never worked with barcodes in an information system. Rob: I have. Just about every barcode mark is linked to a numeric or alpha-numeric identifier. The identifier is usually printed just above or below the bar code symbol, so you can actually discover what it is. When you scan the barcode, that identifier is usually entered into the pc just as in the event someone got typed the identifier around the keyboard. Often the identifier may be the serial number of the element, so everyone is unique. Ould -: I see. How long are these identifiers?

Rob: It may differ. But I think 20 character types should be enough. Anna: But then we would end up with the equivalent with this spreadsheet filled with identifiers. That could be less informative than what we now have already. That's where that Check In Inventory work with case also comes in. Kathy, how would you check in inventory at this point? Kathy: I have an Gain access to database. I type in unit number, an outline of the item, quantity, date purchased, plus the vendor. Anna: Not the purchase price?

Kathy: No . That data is in the accounting system. But it really isn't relevant to inventory. Ould -: OK. We might need those same pieces of info. Plus we might need you to scan the barcode. Kathy: Seems like more operate.

Anna: An additional second or maybe more to scan the barcode. Nevertheless I remember in regards to a...

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