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Water Traps and Pigtail Siphons

A water trap is a device that allows gas and air to pass nevertheless holds back again water. Pigtail Siphons

Industrial industries utilize heavy steam as a pressurized fuel to get energy consumption. This steam needs to be regulated by a evaluate, but the determine must have just one way of being safe from the effective heat and pressure of the steam by itself. This is where pigtail siphons (or siphons) come in. Function

Pigtail siphons happen to be looped pipes filled with water that are placed in piping designs directly before an instrument measure, normally to measure heavy steam pressure, to be able to shield steam and feasible surges in the gauge's delicate mechanics.


The captured water inside the loop from the pigtail siphon stops super-heated steam vapour, and permits the heat to disperse through the water, instead of letting it go and destruction or eliminate the determine on the other end.

The following photograph displays a pigtail siphon attached to a pressure gauge realizing pressure over a steam collection:

Mounting Brackets

An item designed for differential box pressure transmitters, but useful for other field – installed instruments. This sort of a group is made of heavy-gauge bed sheet metal and equipped with a U-bolt created to clamp around any 2 inch dark-colored iron water line. Holes rubber-stamped in the clump match increasing bolts within the capsule flanges of most prevalent differential pressure transmitters, offering a mechanically steady means of attaching a differential box pressure transmitter to a structure in a method area. This photographs show several different devices mounted to pipe parts using these brackets:

Warmed enclosures

In installations where ambient heat may become cold, a safety measure against fluid freezing inside a pressure transmitter is to house the transmitter within an insulated, heated enclosure. The next photograph displays just this kind of enclosure with all the cover eliminated: Not surprisingly, this kind of installation is useful to protect all types of temperature-sensitive instruments from serious cold. Below, we see an explosive gas sensor installed inside a slightly different style of protected enclosure, with the lid opened for inspection:

Process / Instrument Suitability

Manometers, of course , are alternatively limited in their application, as their operation depends on direct speak to between method fluid and manometer the liquid. In the beginning of industrial arrangement, liquid mercury was a very common medium to get process manometers, and it had been not unconventional to see a mercury manometer found in direct exposure to a process substance such as petrol or water to provide pressure indication: Thank goodness, those days are gone. Mercury (chemical symbol " Hg”) is known as a toxic material and therefore harmful to work with. Calibration of these manometers was also challenging as a result of column elevation of the method liquid in the impulse collection and the selection tube. When the process fluid is a gas, the difference in mercury line height directly translates to sensed pressure by hydrostatic pressure formula G = ρgh or P = γh. When the procedure fluid is known as a liquid, though, the shifting of mercury columns as well creates a difference in height in the process liquid column, meaning the mentioned pressure is a function in the height difference (h) and the difference in density between process liquefied and mercury. Consequently, the indications given by mercury manometers in the liquid pressure applications were be subject to correction in respect to method liquid density.

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