UBERKnight Cyber Cafe

Feasibility Study presented to the University of Business and Accountancy Saint Vincent's College

Sacerdote Ramon Street Dipolog City

In Incomplete Fulfilment

In the Requirements FM 14 (Feasibility Study)

Resulting in the degree of Bachelor of Research in Business Administration Major monetary Management

The Researchers:

Kissie Rose Meters. Magalso

Nida A. Sotillo

Ann Maurine P. Ongue

Manilyn A. Bajuyo

Vanessa R. Lo cual

Carmela Polintan

Markim Belocura

Ian Indicate Palma


Term of the business:

UBERKnight Cyber Cafe


D'BAN Corner, Calamba, Misamis Occidental

Contact number:

908-1542 or 09105790075

Date Organization was established:

Name and Position of Contact Person:

Ms. Kissie Increased M. Magalso- Manager

Particular date of Program:

Copy number of Record:

Republic in the Philippines


Padre Ramon St . Estaka,

Dipolog Metropolis

Approval Piece

This Feasibility Study permitted " UBERKnight Cyber Cafe” prepared and Submitted by Nida A. Sotillo, Kissie Rose M. Magalso, Ann Maurine L. Ongue, Manilyn A. Bajuyo, Vanessa Ur. Ello, Carmela Polintan, Markim Belocura, and Ian Tag Palma in partial fulfillment of the requirements in the course Of FM 14 (Feasibility Study) has been examined and recommended. Pertaining to acceptance and approval intended for Oral Protection.

Miss. Jonabel Cacho, CPA_______________________________________ Adviser PanelPanel



Approved by the committee in Oral Evaluation with the score of ______ Approved in partial happiness for the requirements for the course FM 14

Leading to the degree of

Bachelor of Science in Business Operations

Major in Financial Management.


Leader, College of Business and Accountancy


The researchers would like to communicate the greatest gratitude towards the following that without their supervision, guidance, support, involvement and cooperation, this project would never end up being possible: To start with, to our Lord God Immutable who constantly look up and secure the protection of the people who are involved in this process study and for His never ending grace. To the parents for the financial assistance as well as the one who always guide and offer words of wisdom to encourage and inspire us to do our most from preparation before the finishing stage of this Feasibility Study. To Ms. Jonabel Cacho, CPA, our smart research teacher, who is considerably leading, assisting and serving her know-how and period with very much patience and diligence in helping us to meet all of the required works to complete this kind of research. To the friends, classmates and unique someone's, who gives no undesirable comments instead gives us all the support we want, especially to Louis Angelo Sagario, Katrina Amaba, and Mike Chui, who will be giving all their opinions and suggestions on how this project can be even more improved. And to Ceril Jean Sugabo who have spend time and served because our Task Engineer. Each of our sincerest thanks a lot extended likewise to our cooperative respondents pertaining to the time they spend through the interview/survey; to the land owner Hon. Taboy Neri to get the consent he provides for us to feature his unused/vacant control; to the Barosa Family for being one of our adviser as our Business Proponent/investor; and lastly, to the Municipality Office of Calamba pertaining to helping and giving us all the necessary data and documents we required. As a whole, we truly and sincerely accept and give thanks the person/s mentioned above, who have brought this kind of success possible.


To the Mighty Father, who never fails to give and guide us along the way; To the Beloved Family members and Family members, where came up first the encouragements and inspiration we require; To the Circle of good friends we have, who are with us in pursuit of this project; To the guiding minds of the Instructors;

To the Entire Municipality of Calamba, in particular; and


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